Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bathroom vanity up-do

up do off my bathroom vanity
1 use citric acid to remove the old pealing paint from all drawers.
2- Spray paint kilz on drawers
3- Spray paint krylon cream colored paint on drawers
4- Place paintable wallpaper on cupboards 
5-glaze all drawers/cupboards with brown tinted glaze
6-paint main body with dark brown paint and inside/outside of drawers.
7-line the drawers/cupboards drawer paper
8-Place on the hardware

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Wow I sure do love this lady! 

All day today I have had this little story about my mother going through my mind so what a perfect day to share it.  I remember when I was about 9 years old and I was supposed to bring a homemade treat to class with the recipe. I remember my mother sitting at the kitchen table dressed up in her scrubs writing out the recipe for peanut clusters. I thought it was so cleaver and sneaky of us to have bought the clusters from the store and then tell everyone that I had homemade them. 

Sunday, April 07, 2013

End table before and after

 I bought this beauty 2 years ago at a yard sale in my hometown Preston for $5. I finally got around to fixing it up. 
 The top is real wood so I put 4 coats of red mahogany polyshade on the top. (This product makes it so that you don't have to strip off the previous stain.) I loved the look after 3 coats but Corbin touched to top before it was dry. so It is a little darker than I wanted.
I  used a Krylon primer for the bottom portion (I usually use Kilz we'll see how it holds)
Sprayed krylon sea breeze on the top
Sanded the edges to antique it
Glazed the top with brown tinted stain to further the antiquing process
Added rub and buff to the handles to make them look more red.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Corbin's bookcase

Jeff alerted me to this beauty as he was driving to school. It was out in front of someone's front  yard with a FREE sign on it.You can't beat that. I knew the perfect spot for it in C's room.

*Sprayed the metal pieces with Krylon Bronze (already had from previous project) 
*Light sanding
*Primed with Zinzer spray paint ($5)
*Light sanding
*Spray with Krylon Pebble 2 coats ($3.25)
*Taped the top off and created navy blue stripes (also Krylon $3.25)
*2 coats of polyurethane (already had from previous project) 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Another lamp re-do

I wanted to try my hand at refinishing furniture. I made this lamp when I was in the 7th grade wood shop class. I put citrus stripper on the lamp, scraped of the old finish, sanded it down, reapplied black wood stain, and then redid the lamp shade with burlap in a ruffle style. It was a prefect fit for the quest bedroom.  Yay for re-do's! That seems to be what this blog is turning into:)

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Lamp Makeover

Lamp Makeover- Jeff got this lamp for free several years ago when he worked for a construction company. WhenDarren DeWayne Brown lived at our house he was sleep walking one night and threw it across the room doing some damage to the lamp shade. It was in need of a major re-do. I spray painted the base and added burlap to the shade.

Cut a small Square of fabric (I used burlap) 
Fold the square into another square and hotglue to the lamp shade

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cousin Time

Corbin sporting his sun glasses that Jeff bought him. He loves these things especially on days when we brave a snowy walk and the light is extra bright because of the snow reflection. 

We headed to St George for Jeff's Uncle Ron Brown's Funeral this week and were able to spend some quality time with family. My camera only lasted for pool time however so I am going to have to steal some from others who were there. 

Our 2010 Brown boys made quite the mess in the room we were staying in. It is never good to have quite toddlers:)

Youtube-White heat stain removal from table

We were laughing this Christmas over our video we created in 2009 about how to remove a white heat stain from a table. As seen in the video we got one of these on our table and I was so stressed out about the whole thing that Jeff recorded the process. Jeff is so proud that we are now up to 40,000 views. I thought you all might also enjoy it:)