Thursday, May 17, 2007

And were off to Zions National Park

Shelley,Debbie, Ryan, Laura, Mark, Jeff

After we set up camp we decided to hike to the Emerald Ponds.

We reached the first pond which you can't see in this picture.

On our way to the middle pond we found these creations and added to them.

We reached the middle pond. I love how Jeff is striking a pose!

Here is Jeff on our way to the lower pond.

Lower pond waterfall.

We were so proud of our stake/dutch-oven potato dinner. Do you see Mark and Laura's Darth Vader tent in the background?

Later on, once it got dark, we started up the campfire and cooked e-clairs. Made with Croissants, pudding and frosting. They were sooo good.

The start of our 4 hour hike to Angel's Landing.

Debbie and I give a little cheer at walter's wiggles after 2 hours into our grueling hike. I was getting very tired!!

I had just gotten done facing death hanging onto a chain when I found out that I had to do the same thing on the mountain that I am pointing to.

Jeff was my guide.

As you notice in this picture I am sitting down because I would get scared out of my mind when I would stop and look down. The trick to this portion of the hike is to go as fast as you can and don't look down!!

We reached the top. The view was so beautiful!

This is a view of what we has just hiked along to reach the top.

On the way back down you really get your barrings and then it is not so scary anymore! Right behind me is a strait shot down a cliff.

We reached the bottom in 35 min. It was easier on you knees to run so we ran about half of the way down.

Our last hike was to the Narrows.

The trail actually goes into the river. Jeff took his shoes off and hiked the sandy river in bare feet.

Whoohoo!! This is so much fun! We were warned to watch out for sudden flash floods though:)