Monday, October 01, 2007

Holy cow what is growing on my head? I look like a chia pet:) Well, my sisters decided to straighten my hair. I was convinced that they couldn't tame this mess.
We started with blow drying it, then the product, then the straightener. Quentin even got into it and was helping out.
When all said an done it took about 4 hours one night and 1 hour of primping the next morning. Thanks for the help gals and Q it looked great.

We found out just how long my hair really was. They even had to give it a little trim because when it is curly I just cut little pieces that are out of place hear and there. Therefore when it became strait it was a little choppy.
I like it straight but it is only an anual thing because I don't have the time to spend straightening it. I really felt like a new woman all weekend long but I do miss my curls!

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