Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sweet brothers

Darren catching the guarder at the reception. He caught mine too. Darren you need to go on a date first before you catch those things!!!

Bouquet toss. The mother of the bride Aleen caught it.

Shanny and Melisssa Thanks for all of you help Doey!
Cut a rug Celeste and Q
Just married

Lets get this girl Married already!!!
Shanny and I got an early start on her hair. I thought that she should have kept with the Tie die look for the wedding but she was really wanting to wear that beautiful 1920's dress she bought.

I really liked this picture of her. She looks so deep in thought.
And we are off driving around in my old geo metro that my sister graciously let me borrow for the weekend. She just had to get a picture of us cramped into the car.


Max and Diana Brown said...

I love the picture of the brothers holding Melissa!!!

Jason & Ginny said...

The wedding looks like it turned out very nice. Good work Shelley!!