Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wake up uncle Jeff on our recent trip to Lincoln Nebraska.

Emma is so cute! She let me do her hair almost everyday we were there.

Hanging out in the back seat.

We all could not get enough of Celeste's wonderful thanksgiving dinner. Jeff especially liked the whipped cream.

Thanks for letting us spend the holiday with you guys we miss you!


Max and Diana Brown said...

I love all the pictures!!! Celeste kids are getting so big, I'm glad you have a great Thanksgiving, we had fun too.

Aleen said...

Hi Kids,
I talked with Emma today. She sounds more grown up, but her sweet self. It looks like you had some fun times with the Yergensens. We appreciate your sacrifices to visit family.

Your photos are awesome!
Love you, Shelley and Jeff,

Yergensen Family said...

Hi guys! Thanks for driving out to Nebraska to come see us! It was so much fun!! We miss you!

Cute pictures!

Happy Birthday Shelley!
Love Brent, Celeste, Emma, Isaac, & Ethan