Sunday, February 24, 2008

5 Quirky Things About Shelley

Tagged by Marissa, 5 quirks about me.

1. My eyes are always half shut in pictures I don't know what my problem is keeping them open. It usually makes me look like I am drunk.

2. Jeff and I have a joke that I have to take my 10% of his food when we eat. He is such a slow eater that if he hasn't finished with or before me I figure it is free game.

3. I have 2 pairs of slipper of my own but for some reason I love to wear Jeff's instead. They are way too big for me but for some reason I love to wear them.

4. I can't stand cutting my nails too short!! For clinic we have to have short nails (they even check sometimes) It is like fingers on a chalk board feeling when they are too short. I can't touch anything until they grow back. I have resorted at times to putting super glue over the tips of my fingernails/edge of finger to keep anything from touching that area.

5. The last one is really Jeff's quirk but I help to contribute. Every time we leave the house He has to get a drink of water, no matter how late we are. So before we leave the house if we are running late I either have a cup of water ready to hand to him or a water bottle for the drive. He also has to stop at every drinking fountain that he passes to get a drink, once again no matter how late we are. He says that he can never get enough water.

I tag Brooke, Gin, and whoever else wants to share.


Nicole said...

HI Shelly, I saw your link on Sarahs blog and thought i would say hi. I hope all is well with you!. I enjoyed reading about your quirks too. very interesting. Have a good day.
or blog address is

marisa said...

i love learning more about you and Jeff! Thanks for sharing! Lainey can so relate to the fingernail thing, I have to make sure that I cut her nails as she is super sensitive about her nails and Daddy always cuts them to short and then she bawls! And the water thing is just way too funny!

Jason & Ginny said...

Jason has the same quirk as Jeff with the water thing. He doesn't HAVE to have a drink before we leave but he always stops at every drinking fountain. He wants to write a book called the "The Water Diet", what funny husbands we have.

Aleen said...

Hi Shelley!

Your "quirks" were fun to read about! I enjoy your blog. You and Jeff are always in my thoughts and prayers. . . Isn't it wonderful that spring is almost here?

Love always,

Aleen said...

Hi again, kids! I forgot to thank you, Shelley, for being such a patient, supportive wife to Jeff. I wasn't aware of his need to hydrate before leaving the house!