Friday, March 21, 2008

Remebering good times keeps me sane

Okay, So I am stressed out to the MAX with studying so much for "my big test." So I thought that I would take a break, let you know I am still alive, and post a few things that make me happy.Mi Familia (in espanol because that is what I am studying this semester)

Knowing that another trip to the beach is near. ( We are still trying to decide which one though?)

Photos like this from my childhood. This is a little shed that is up the canyon in Franklin.

The Brown family reunion in May ( This was from the reunion in2006) I can't wait to see ya'll

Getting to go golfing with my hubby this weekend for our 5th anniversary. (pic from the hole-in-one I hit at the Preston golf course.)

Jeep rides to Lamont and my little bro:)

Knowing that graduation from dental hygiene school is just around the corner, April 18th. Then I have to finish my BS degree through June while I wait for all of the paperwork to come back that says I can officially work. I honestly didn't think that I would ever see that day.


Child Family said...


Hi, this is Courtney Leak Child. I found your blog and just wanted to say hi. Sounds like things are going well for you. Good luck on your studies!!! Check out by blog if you want.


Max and Diana Brown said...

Dear Shelly and Jeff...HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY!!! we are cheering for you Shelly. So we know you will rock that test!! We love you and miss you... I heard you did a great job @ golf the other day!!

grandmaaleen said...

Happy 5th anniversary, Shelley and Jeff ! Wow, that is a special milestone in your eternity together.

Shelley, your photos of what makes you happy are terrific! They made me happy, too. Have a delightful and relaxing week.

We love you truly,
Mamacita and the "Fam"

Max and Diana Brown said...

Hey Shelly, we where thinking about you yesterday!! How did it go?? please let us know.. we have been preaying for you... we love you!!!