Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy B-Day Dad!

Dado, Happy Birthday! You are the best ever.
I would like to list a few of the skills my dad has mastered over the years:

Best garlic grower/user/cooker
welder (love the outdoor trellises)
woodworker (greatest desk design)
Watercolor Painter
Motocross rider
Jeep rider (need I say more)
Economy car user
Fly Tier (or is it tie flyer?) :)
Lawn Mower
River Guide
Luge Maker/Snow Plower
Engineer (Drip line/ zipline/rings/tire swing/Paddles-nibus 2000 ETC ETC)
Book/magazine/ newspaper reader
Republican/politician/Rush Limbah Groupie/political Pundit
Tool man Taylor (ar ar ar ar ar)
Engineer of Personal church Air-conditioning unit
Best at teaching a kid how to ride a bike (dododoooooodooo dododododooooooooo)
A super husband
A Great Example
A Wonderful Father

I am sure I left TON'S of other descriptions out, can anyone else add more?

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Caranna said...

Aren't Daddy's GREAT! I miss mine and don't see him nearly often enough!