Saturday, August 09, 2008

10 year high school reunion

We are in Twin Falls this weekend for Jeff's 10 year high school reunion. Here are my girls Brynlee and Ashley Orton who kept me entertained while Jeff was off reunioning.

D and Q went camping in box canyon and got eaten alive by misquitios. This picture does not do it justice. They have bites all over their bodies.

p.s. this weekend our computer gave us the blue screen of death so this may be the last post for a little while until we get it fixed or buy a new one. Things come in 3's for us our camera broke, now our computer, and I will keep you posted on the 3rd because it is bound to happen :)


The Yergensen's said...

yikes that's not good. I am sorry - hopefully it will all work out. But let us know if and what number three is should it come about. Love you both!

The Yergs

The Yergensen's said...

that is so awesome that darren and quentin got eaten up by mosquitos. maybe it toughened them up a little bit. maybe now they'll act more like men instead of little sissy girls.