Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Chance B-day

Chance Happy 9th Birthday!!!!!!!!! My little brother was born 9-9-99 a special day for the coolest little boy ever! Where has the time gone?

Having fun at my wedding 5 1/2 years ago.

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4boystokiss said...

Wow, I can't really believe that was five and a half years ago. Congrats! How are you all doing? I have kind of been keeping up with you on facebook, but blogging is easier. I must admit, I have slightly ulterior motives. I have been wondering about Jeremy and Sasha Orton. Do you know how they are? Do they have a blog? We sure miss all of our CSI buddies. I am not sure if you knew Dustin Mcllelan, but he and his wife are expecting next month. Also what about Layne and Desiree. To bad we couldn't have an institute reunion. Well we love you guys. Your such a cute couple. hope we can keep in touch better.
Erika Kunzler