Thursday, October 09, 2008

Chance's Broken Wrist

My Poor little brother broke his arm jumping on the trampoline on Monday. If you want to see more check it out at He was so dang cute explaining it all to me. He was talking in such adult/medical terms just like a mini-doctor. Get better soon!!


Max and Diana Brown said...

oh!! poor little guy!! I hope he will feel better soon!! we will keep them in our payers!! Love ya! Diana

Joyce said...

Shelley - How fun to have you comment on my blog! Chance is a cute boy and I sure felt bad about his arm. It's hard to believe he's in 3rd grade. I only have him a couple of times a week for Language Arts, while Ilene Peterson takes my class for Science or Social Studies. It works out good. It's a lot of work teaching school, but rewarding too.