Sunday, December 23, 2012

Yearbook 2012

Here is our Christmas card sorry we are so lame that it didn't get e-mailed out
Jeff: Is diligently working away on his masters degree in public administration. He has about 1 more year left. His job keeps him very busy with old and new events that he runs at the entrepreneurship center at Brigham Young University. He continues to enjoy sports and playing with Corbin. This summer he updated our sprinkler system with his good friend Jeremy. It may have been more play than work:) He also stays busy with his calling in the high counsel in our LDS stake, which he is convinced is one of the greatest callings.
He took the family on their first family camping trip to bearlake for 3 days. He also enjoyed taking the family to the Bastow family reunion in Boise, Idaho where we floated the Boise river with the Browns.  

         Shelley: The year started out awesome as Shelley got lasik eye surgery. Other than dreaming in her old vision her sight is 20/25. In February she experienced abdominal pain that landed her in surgery to remove a ruptured aneurysm off of a mesenteric artery along with 16 inches of necrotic intestine. She spent 5 days in the hospital and what seemed like the longest 6 week recovery. She has no side effects other than a beautiful 6 inch abdominal scar. Her wonderful husband stayed by her side reading her The Hungar Games series. They were able to see the movie together in Oahu, Hawaii when they traveled there for the 3rd time on a business trip, which landed on their 9th wedding anniversary.
Shelley still works part time as a dental hygienist in private practice on Fridays and teaches in the clinic as a dental hygiene school, which she loves. She has enjoyed yard work, gardening, painting and making new crafts for our home. She loves mothering Corbin by going on lots of bike rides, walks, reading books, and coming up with new toddler activities on keep him busy.  

Corbin: He Is officially a toddler! He loves all of the usual sports but has been deemed as a future track star as he loves to run everywhere. From the car to the store, from the store to the car, in the store, and the whole lengths of the parks. He loves playing the game “I am going to get there first,” with his dad where they race to an object chanting the name of the game.
He started off the year with lots of ear infections which ended up in him receiving tubes in both ears during the same time that Shelley was sick. We felt like we lived at the Doctors offices:) He loves bike rides, jumping on the trampoline, watching movies, and reading books. He knows all of his ABC’s, numbers, Colors, and animals. Our favorite is that he is potty training himself, yay. Hopefully we will be fully out of diapers soon.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Shelley, for your wonderful Christmas email card. You've had an eventful year and accomplished much. Corbin is growing and learning so quickly. I enjoyed visiting your home in January. It's fun to see Corbin playing with his awesome toys, learning activities, and you two, his devoted parents.

Happy New Year 2013!

Love always,
Grandma Aleen