Friday, June 29, 2007

On Sunday we decided to do some family pics.
Don't we all look so much alike??

Our hike to Willow flat where the river comes out of the side of the mt.

Jeff and I at the Queena's reception in Mink Creek.

On Saturday we drove the Jeep home from the lake and decided to take some pics. It was interesting doing this while driving but good thing that that jeep only goes 20MPH

On our way to the lake.

Chance at the lake.

This is the tube that my cousin Scott and I hit heads on. I still have a bruise.

(Chance, Dallon, Sam)

This is the biggest pizza that I have ever seen. It was so funny because my dad ordered the extra large but he didn't realize how extra large it really was.

Queena's hair. It took two hours and I great fully had a little help from Stacey and Brittany (Queen's cusin)

Beautiful girl with her flowers.

My grandmother and I. She is so Cute!

The cute couple.

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Jason & Ginny said...

You did such a good job on your cousin's hair, it looks amazing. You look really good in your family pictures!! And you and your sister look nothing alike. Thanks for updating your blog it is so fun to look at.