Sunday, July 01, 2007

Our recent trip with the Barretts to the Natural Alpine slide.

The ride is a little bumpy but it is so much fun!!!

Here goes Jeff. Thumbs up because in just a second he is going to find out how cold the water really is!

Here is Ryan bracing himself before entering the H20

This is the little pond that you end up in at the bottom of the slide.

We decided to hike up a little farther and found many beautiful areas.


grandmaaleen said...

Hi Shelley and Jeff!
Wow! What a wonderful resource to share your world with us. . . Thank you for taking time to post your photos and comments.

Have a super weekend.

Love always,

Jessica Newby said...

So exciting to see find your blog!

There are tons of natural waterslides out here in NC & they are huge!! Looks fun!