Tuesday, August 14, 2007

This is the original picture that my neighbor used to draw the pictures below. He saw the pictures from our California trip and really wanted to draw my hair. He and his wife are moving this week to Portland to start his career for the animation company that made the movie Corpse Bride. Best of luck and thanks for the awesome portrait!


marisa said...

What cool pictures! Do you get to keep them or is he keeping them? The girls sure loved playing with you. Thanks for coming this way!

marisa said...

Great pictures! Do you get to keep them? We sure had fun having you guys here. Thanks for coming!

Jeff and Shelley said...

Yea we got to keep it.

grandmaaleen said...

Hi Kids,

I just spent 20 minutes writing you a letter and your blog erased it when I tried to preview it! I'm too frustrated to tell it all again, so I'll share other details later. . .

Thanks again for your visit to Max's family and the supper you shared with them. I'm sure that they appreciated it immensely, too.

Have a wonderful, memorable hike into the Grand Canyon this weekend. Be careful and prayerful! Please call us before you leave.

Are you in school now, Shelley? How's work going, Jeff?

Your beautiful hair and face inspired your neighbor's art, Shelley. What a lovely drawing of a lovely lady!

Love always,
Mom, Darren, and Quentin