Monday, September 03, 2007

Well here we are. We made it to the hill top in Supai and set up our air bed to sleep under the stars. Half way through the night we ended up in our car due to our bed not holding air, the smell of mule poop, the bugs, and the heavy traffic of people driving in and waking us up with their car head lights.

After a 5 hour hike we made it to the camp ground. The falls pictured below are the Havasu falls. I was doing great until about the last mile when my legs started to cramp up. I think that I had pushed my self too hard (I'd only taken 3 breaks the whole hike) and my pack was too heavy. For the rest of the trip I could barley walk I am surprised that I even made it back to the car in the end!!

We had to hike down through 2 of these tunnels and then hold onto a chain for dear life for the rest of the way.

The camp tranchula. Our new friend Bini is showing us how big it is compared to his finger. As other campers came to admire the spider we realized that on all 4 corners of our table there were black widows. YIKES!!!

Beautiful area at navajo falls where you can go back in and explore.

Havasu Falls area. The little pool in the middle left corner is where I jumped in and thought that I was going to drown. My legs were shot from the hike down and were not working very well. Once I jumped in I couldn't touch and found that my legs couldn't kick very well to keep me a-float. Jeff, my hero, had to save my life.

Me on the way back up the trail. Note to self... next time rent a mule to carry the backpacks.

Jeff saved the day. I literally couldn't walk any more. My hips were so painful that I didn't think that I was going to make it to the top. Wonderful Jeff carried my pack for the last 1/2 mile up the trail.


grandmaaleen said...

My beloved Shelley and Jeff,

Your adventure was even more thrilling than I imagined. I am sooooo thankful that you returned home safely. The scenery is gorgeous. We're anxious to hear all the details. . . When could you come to Twin for Quentin's Eagle Court of Honor? Wish you could celebrate your birthday with US here this weekend. . .
Love eternally,

H & J said...

Looks so fun!! Hope school was fun!!