Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas in Preston

Christmas in Preston Idaho
Christmas morning. We started opening our gifts around 8:30.
Rambo Jeff and Shelley looking like she had a little too much eggnog. Christmas day marked the five year anniversary of Jeff and I's engagement. I gave him a love journal to celebrate it. It included notes throughout the year about things I love about Jeff.
Shannon with Lil the tortoise. Chance's new pet.
Jeff holding Phil the tortoise
Shannon cooking the Christmas Salmon.
Jeff and Shelley enjoying the long awaited salmon.
Being able to be with family is my most favorite part of Christmas time. I love my family and am so greatful that I get to be with them forever thanks to the reason that we celebrate Christmas.


Aleen said...

Shelley, what a precious and correct statement! I, too, am most grateful to our Heavenly Father and Savior for their ultimate gifts to us. What a blessing to anticipate eternal life as families. . .

Aleen said...

Thank you, Shelley and Jeff, for sharing your Christmas photos, and for your willingness to share your time with all of the family.
Happy New Year!
Love eternally,

Max and Diana Brown said...

I love all the pictures!! and Chance's new pet...cute, I really hope you had a great christmas, we miss you and hope to see you soon!