Saturday, December 22, 2007

Chance and Payson (friend) building an Igloo. There was a big storm in Preston this weekend and my dad snow-blowed all of the snow into a pile for us to make and Igloo. We needed a special place for Santa to bring presents to us this year.


Max and Diana Brown said...

this is so cool!!! how long it took them to build it?....OH and by the way..MERRY CHIRSTMAS JEFF AND SHELLY, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!

grandmaaleen said...

What an awesome igloo! I do hope that no one slept in it, however, as it could crash down on you. . . What fun for the kids and the young at heart! Enjoy your holiday in Preston, Shelley and Jeff! Greetings to your parents and siblings! MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!
Love you,
Mamacita, Darren; Quentin