Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Some Things You May Not Know About Us

Three things I'm afraid of:

Jeff: 1. Loosing my hair, 2. getting cancer, 3. upsetting Shelley

Shelley: 1. Somehow not being able to graduate from hygiene school, 2. The whole child thing, 3. Snakes

Two People Who Can Make Me Laugh Really Hard:

Jeff: 1. Brent Yerg 2. Shelley

Shelley 1. My sisters (while playing games), 2. I mostly laugh at Jeff

Three Things I Love:

Jeff: 1. My wife's cooking, 2. Sleeping, 3. Playing with my Bro's

Shelley: 1. Getting things done/accomplishing 2. Being with family 3. relaxing

Three Things I Hate:

Jeff: 1. fingernails on a chalkboard, 2. fork on a plate, 3.when I don't get the dishes done

Shelley 1. taking/studying for tests 2. loosing money 3. Sports on TV

Three Things On My Kitchen Counter/Table:

1. Dishes 2 Dinner (salmon/salad). 3. peach cobbler bread

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die:

Jeff: 1. sky dive 2. Get doctorate degree 3. Have kids

Shelley: 1. Have kids 2. Own a home 3. go to fiji

Three Things I Can Do:

Jeff: 1. Play the viola, 2. sing like frank sinatra (in the shower) 3. Can win any limbo contest!!!

Shelley: 1. Clean teeth, 2. girls fast pitch, 3. drive in the snow

Three Things I Can’t Do:

Jeff: 1. gain weight, 2. touch my nose with my tongue, 3. Juggle
Shelley: 1. can't water ski, 2. can't not brush my teeth everyday, 3. wiggle my ears

Three Things I’d Like To Learn:

Jeff: 1. how to cook 2. to be a good husband 3.

Shelley: 1. how to garden 2. build things 3. more about family history

Three Favorite Foods:

Jeff 1. Pizza (CB+pinapple), 2. Ice cream 3. Fillet mignion

Shelley 1. A good salad 2. fish 2. Ice Cream rocky road

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid:

Jeff: 1. transfromers 2. sesame street 4. mr. rogers

Shelley1.transformers 2. Alvin and the chipmunks 3. smurfs

Three Things I Want in the Next Five Years:

Jeff: 1. kids 2. house 3. complete master and get a job in higher ed administration

Shelley 1. house 2. Debt Free 3. kids


Carly said...

That was fun to read guys. I never see you so it is sooo fun to see all these things about you! Happy Birthday Shelly!

Max and Diana Brown said...

just when you thought you knew someone!!(ha,ha) you guys rock!!