Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Brown Family Reunion & Pictures

Family Picture Time Again.

We had a blast this weekend at the Brown Family reunion. It started with camping in a little place about 20 min from Twin Falls Idaho called Hagerman. Such a fun place if you ever need a little get away. There is so much to do. Swim at the 3 hot springs, hike to box canyon, visit thousand springs and the Malad Gorge, river raft etc.You can't see it very well but Jeff dived off the high dive at the thousand springs pool and on his way up hit the bridge his nose and ended up having to get 3 stitches :( We will now match. When I was in Kindergarten I had a tin can lid frisbied at my face hitting me on the bridge of my nose. I had it glued back together and now sport a tiny little scare.

The gals

The Brown Family children together. We want to congratulate Quentin on his great news that he will be serving an LDS mission to Argentina this September.


Holly said...

Thanks, Sheff and Jelley :) for posting the wonderful photos!!

These are great!

Max and Diana Brown said...

Hi guys!! I love the pictures you took.. to bad you can't make me look 60 pounds less!! (ha,ha) oh well, it was so good to see you!!

Child Family said...

Great picutres and sounds like you had fun. I am always looking for a great place to camp. Maybe we will check it out!! Thanks.