Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Weekend in Preston/ meeting Shannon's boy toy!


So this weekend was a blast. Jeff and I went to Preston and the whole family was home. It was filled with lots of jeep rides, games, food and fun! I think that going home is a true vacation from the world. It is a chance to be a kid again.Jeff and Shannon's new friend Zac helping one of our neighbors plant carrots in his garden.

My mom and Stacey chillin' at the Deer Cliff Inn Restaurant, where I always order the trout.

We decided to make it a family event to have Zac take out Jeff's stitches. Jeff was a little scared as you can see.

So I had to put this video on because my little brother is just so dang funny in it. He stated to us while eating dinner that he was a REALLY good break dancer and that he wanted to show us his stuff, so here it is the best break dancing you'll ever see. Bro, you totally are the best break dancer I have ever seen!!!!


Anonymous said...

It's great that you were able to have a "vacation from the world" at home over Memorial weekend, Shelley. Your family has been awesome to let Jeff come "home" there,too. How convenient that Zac was able to remove Jeff's stitches!
Mamacita Aleen

Max and Diana Brown said...

what a great dancer, man a singer, a dancer and a dental hyg. What else do you need in life!! way to go Chance!!!

Kylie said...

I'll be really tempted to ask Chance to bust a move next time I see him. That's awesome.

The Cannons said...

I love Preston. That was my favorite thing as a kid was to come to the Preston rodeo and see you guys. I seriously think Preston is the best, I would totally live there.
p.s. Mabye Chance should try out for So You Think You Can Dance, which by the way is the best show EVER!