Sunday, June 08, 2008

Homemade ice cream & good times w/ friends

This Saturday Jeff and I made homemade vanilla ice cream with our ice cream maker. The maker is brand new out of the box from when we got married. I decided that it was time to put it to use. It only ended up freezing 1/2 way but not too bad for a first try. We shared it over pie with some friends that evening during games.

Me, Annelise, Gin, Jeff, Greg, Jason


Max and Diana Brown said...


*Gu* said...

wow! glad to find your blog!

feel free to visit me:

-angela andrus

Anonymous said...

The soft set is part of the virtue of homemade ice cream, but using plenty of coarse salt and sometimes "packing" it awhile helps it harden, too. It looks delicious, though!

Shelley, what a thought to be finished with school, for now! Obiously, you'll keep learning, but will you have any nostalgia for the classroom? Probably you'll miss your classmates and special teachers most of all.

Have a fantastic vacation in Yellowstone you two and tell your family that I send my greetings, Shelley!

THANKS AGAIN, dearest Jeffrey, for posting my photos on the singles' website! You're a beloved and appreciated son. . .

Love always,

The Bucks said...

You are soo dang cute!! What a cute little homemaker!! I am soo excited for you to be able to start working and be done with school. I wish so bad i was still there to be able to work with you but we will have to stay in touch!! Those pies and icecream look delicious by the way!!