Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My mother came to visit me last weekend. I am so grateful that she came to spend time with me. She even braved the horrible Utah traffic to do so. We had ton's of fun. On Friday we went to Thanksgiving point and then on a train ride in Heber Utah. The fall colors in the mountains were beautiful! That night we went and saw x-files then afterward we ate ice cream. On Saturday we slept in and then of course had ice cream for breakfast, went shopping and then went to the movie Eagle Eye. It was really good. My mom did her usual wisper in my ear to tell me what is going to happen next:) After the movie we went to the Relief Society dinner/conference it was wonderful and very uplifiting. Thanks mom for coming to visit me.

p.s. I did end up going to the Dr. (as recomended by my mom) because I am STILL sick. It has been almost 2 weeks!!!

The flowerful carosel. They are Iron horses with plants inside. See below for a more detailed pic.

The arch is made out of a willow tree. So cool!!

On our train ride. I forgot to get a pic with us in front of the train.

My mom was convinced that this frog was fake because of how large it was, but it was real.


grandmaaleen said...

Thanks, Shelley, for sharing these details of your awesome weekend with your mother. Your photos are beautiful!

You're probably "fighting" a virus, I assume. Are you taking Oregano Oil and Olive Leaf Herb? Some chopped raw garlic, olive oil (cold pressed extra virgin, organic if possible), and cider vinegar would be good on a salad or casserole. Comfrey, mint, or raspberry (etc.) herb teas are helpful, too.

Love to you and Jeff,
Moma Aleen

Max and Diana Brown said...

YOU LUCKY GIRL!! It is fun to know that it doesn't matter how old we get we wil always be mom's and dad's little girls!! I sat on my dad's lap even when I was 9month preagant of Michael.. this memories are such a blessing!! I miss you guys!! when you feel better we need to get together. Love ya!! Diana