Sunday, November 15, 2009

Utah Student 25

On Thursday November 5th Jeff and I attended the Utah Student 25 held at the Grand America Hotel in SLC. Jeff's boss was in charge of the whole event but Jeff was in charge of all of the behind the scenes work. I am so proud of his hard work. It turned out to be a wonderful evening of a 4 course dinner, including fillet mignon, and motivational speeches. The event was a competition rating the best student made business in Utah.

Jeff rented a Tux

Looking so GQ:)


Max and Diana Brown said...

You guys look great!!!

joshua/melissa said...

was jeff the only one wearing a tux?!

Aleen said...

I love these photos of you two "lovebirds. . ." You are a "stunning" couple in your awesome formal attire.

You do a wonderful job on your events, Jeff! Hope that you're able to delegate enough to reduce your burdens to manageable portions. . .

Love always,

The Yergensen's said...

Looking good! Looks like you had an amazing evening!

It was fun to hear about all your fun Thanksgiving events, so sad we had to miss them. We can't wait to hopefully be closer and be able to hang out more!

Love you guys!