Sunday, July 08, 2012

Phone photo dump

 Stewart falls hike.

Jeff and I took a spur of the moment trip to St George for memorial day and we were so grateful for the hospitality of the Yergs. Too fun, these little guys are 3 months apart.
Beautiful view of the temple on our hike to some red rocks.

Bridal Veil Falls

 Floating the Bear River Narrows with the family. One of my MOST favorite past times.

 A visit from Aunt Brookey and Uncle Chance at the end of June!
 We have been doing lots of biking thus lots of repairs at the bike shop.
 Trip to St George Tubby time!
 Segway tour while at Turtle Beach in Honolulu
 Swimming in Queen's bath.
 Yergs visit the Browns and party with dress up time!
 Cute couple! I got to do Celeste's hair for an anniversary dinner.

 LDS conference center
We went on a wild goose chase in the mountains trying to find a fun hike to go on when we went to visit Brent and Celeste in May. After many miles of rough dirt road we finally found a random little pond to wade in. On our way back down a local man saw that we were walking in the heat with lots of little kids and offered us his 4 wheeler to take them back to the cars. It made for some really good memories.

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